Optimize Awesomeness: 3 Tips for Working with a Graphic Designer


Your company recently hired a Graphic Designer to brand your business, create an annual report, and design ads. What can you expect as the main point of contact for that Designer? Very likely, a lot of questions. Rather than bristling at all of the information she requests, keep in mind that a tailor can’t make you a custom suit without your measurements.

Keeping the following three things in mind will set your relationship up for success.

1. There are two experts in this relationship: You and The Graphic Designer. 
Fortunately, you’re both working toward the same goal: Making your business kick ass.

You are the expert on your business, your products, your services, your current customers, and your dream customers. It is up to you to impart that wisdom to your Graphic Designer. By the same token, it’s your Designer’s job to ask you the right questions, understand what you tell her, supplement with her own research, and use her expertise to translate your answers into visual communications that will achieve your business goals. And it’s up to both of you to treat each other as partners in this process.

2. Be prepared to answer all of those questions.
You each have an important job to do, but your assignment is due first. Be prepared to tell your Designer about:

  • the company’s mission
  • your target customer
  • competitors
  • your best selling products
  • your project goals

It may also be helpful to provide her with visual inspiration and a list of things that are lacking in your current design.

3. Give good feedback.
The best collaborations are based on honest, timely, constructive feedback. Consider your Graphic Designer a partner and keep her in the loop on any shifts in strategy or revised timelines. And certainly speak up if you feel the work isn’t reflecting your goals or you don’t understand a proposed solution. You want the best work for your business and your Designer wants to deliver the best work.

With these three things in mind you’re ready to engage a Graphic Designer and together, you will kick ass! You’re ready to get to work? So are we. Let’s talk about your project.