Curious & Co. Makeover: Behind the Scenes


Our business has evolved a lot since we first launched in 2010, and we recently felt it was time to reevaluate our branding — for how it represents us and how it appeals to our target clients. Our original logo served us well for over six years, but after quite a bit of growth and honing our expertise, the time felt right for something fresh.

To keep ourselves on track, we started as we do with all branding clients: the Discovery process. That's when we ask some thought-provoking questions about a client's target audience, competitors, business aspirations, and more to guide us throughout the design process. The three of us answered individually, and while our responses weren't identical, they overlapped in all the right places, meaning we're all still on the same page with our business (whew!)

Armed with information and inspiration, we dove in to some initial design concepts. As we often do, we individually came up with a few sketches to set the wheels in motion.

Curious & Co. rebrand design concepts

We worked collaboratively to zero in on our favorite — then came the time to refine, refine, refine. It turns out that we were feeling pretty attached to the cog in our original logo, so it remained a central design element in this next phase. We also began incorporating color, which we settled on fairly early in the process (before the design was finalized). 

Curious & Co. rebrand design concepts

After creating several iterations of our favorite concept — and shifting gears (pun intended) a bit — we landed on a polished combination of typefaces and our beloved cog, as well as a vibrant color palette anchored by a rich off-black (that's designer-speak for dark grey). Of course, a flexible branding system is not complete without interesting secondary/alternate marks, so we created those adaptations to round out our new brand.

Curious & Co. rebrand design

We are so pleased with our new look and feel that it represents the business we have now, after six years of growth, experience, and a roster of excellent clients. 

Coming up soon: a closer look at the process (and platform) behind our shiny new website!