Hue•ti•ful: Bright Summertime Fruits


The latest installment in our hue•ti•ful series is a bright palette inspired by these beautiful Summertime fruit-filled drinks photographed by Brooke Lark.

You may notice that the palette we pulled from this photo looks very much like a rainbow. While a traditional rainbow palette can conjure up child-like playful images (think: toddler toys) what makes this colorful combination a little more usable for adult businesses and products is that the colors are a little muted. Look at that yellow – it has some orange in it, keeping it from being too bright and aiding in legibility when used for type.

If you have a food business — from packaged snacks to a restaurant — taking cues from your ingredients is a great way to ensure you get an appetizing color palette. 

In upcoming posts we'll show you how to take these palettes and translate them into usable color plans for your brand.