Fabric Design for Kidswear Line


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You may remember us talking about our goal of doing more surface pattern and retail product design. We even launched a (successful!) Kiva campaign to help jump start our efforts. Not long after we made it known that we wanted more pattern design work, we had the opportunity to collaborate with Mitz Kids on a fabric design.

Sprinkle numbers by Curious & Co. Creative for Mitz Kids
Mitz Kids makes children’s clothing that is designed with their interests in mind. Each piece of clothing is created to be developmentally appropriate for their age and reflects their changing interests. We also ensure that each design is free from gender stereotypes and can be worn by girls and boys!”

We are totally on board with that mission and with three girls and a boy under the age of 8 in the Curious family, we were excited for the chance to add a fabric design to their collection. 

And here is what we made for Mitz:

 photo by Mitz Kids

photo by Mitz Kids

We created a colorful sprinkle pattern on a navy blue background that is not only fun to look at, but helps kids learn their numbers. It also makes us want cake. 

Sprinkle design by Curious & Co. Creative

This was a great project and we were very happy to work with Mitz again. We designed their branding, retail tags, and other marketing materials. You can see the project in our portfolio and read about the whole branding process in this blog post.


We the Postcard for Texas

tx-Artboard 2.png

As you know, our neighbors in Houston and the surrounding areas of Texas were hit very hard by Hurricane Harvey. In an effort to help those affected, from September 1-8 we are donating 100% of the proceeds from the sale of We the Postcard packs to the Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund.

Our hearts are heavy seeing what the people of Texas are going through right now and we wish them all good health and a full recovery in the aftermath of the storm.

You can purchase postcard packs by visiting the We the Postcard page of our site. You can also donate directly to the Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund by visiting their site.

Thank you for your support!

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We the Postcard


Political activism is something we have done on our own time, but not as a company. Until recently. Inspired by current events and reacting to many in our communities who feel unheard and worried, we launched We the Postcard. The idea behind the project was simple — we were making calls and writing letters to our elected representatives but needed an easier way to dash off quick notes of concern and thanks. Postcards were the obvious answer. Since the desire to have an active voice in our government comes from a strong sense of patriotism, the design direction and color palette developed naturally. The quotes we chose to highlight speak to us and celebrate America, human rights, and civic responsibility.

We knew others would be glad to have a stack of postcards at the ready and decided to take it one step further by donating 50% of the proceeds. We couldn't pick just one organization, so we chose three: the National Endowment for the Arts, the ACLU, and the Natural Resources Defense Council.

Our passion for this project is obvious when you know that it took us only ten days from the initial idea to launching 10 unique designs in a brand new online shop. We are very proud of this project and very excited to see people sending postcards as gifts to patriotic friends and family; using our postcards at letter-writing parties; and tacking them up above desks as inspiration. The mood in many communities has spawned various projects with similar missions and we're so glad to see that happening. There are art auctions, tote bags, more postcards, and T-shirt sales supporting stellar organizations. We encourage you, if you can, to use your wallet to support as many of these projects as possible. If not your wallet, then your time, your voice, and your energy. 

Finally, we want to very sincerely thank all of you who have supported We the Postcard with purchases and by sharing on social media. We appreciate it so much and encourage all of you to continue your civic involvement. Write on!

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