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Curious & Co. has served as the design department for a number of companies and projects, including...



Still in the planning stages of their business, these Philadelphia-area waffle bakers came to us for a polished, personality-filled visual identity. We created a logo and flexible branding system that wowed and intrigued soon-to-be customers from the moment they launched. In the nearly 5 years that we've worked together, we have designed business cards, gift packaging, two websites, to-go sleeves for waffles, print and web ads, a small truck (okay — just the vehicle graphics!), banners, farmers' market displays, and more. We are so proud of how Waffatopia has grown and very excited for the role we continue to play in their business. With us on the team taking care of design, they are free to focus on making amazing waffles.

Sakura of America

If you're an illustrator, comic book artist, or calligrapher, you're probably very familiar with Sakura's high quality artist pens and markers. We were already fans when we began working with their US-based marketing team. Our first project was to redesign pen packaging and in-store displays for their line of calligraphic pens, which they were repositioning in the market. After that, we created a series of three magazine ads highlighting artists who use Sakura products. Since then we have designed a logo for their proprietary ink technology, a promotional catalog, industry brochure, and packaging for other marker and pen collections.


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