Color Palette Inspiration: Hue•ti•ful Ocean Sunset

Color is an important element in establishing a visual brand, and an integral component of our design process here at Curious & Co. Creative. In our hue•ti•ful series, we share a photograph with a unique color palette and illustrate how it can be a great starting point for developing a flexible brand color palette.

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The sky, beautifully colored by the setting sun, is the inspiration for our latest hue•ti•ful palette.

The water adds very nice deep blue-grays to the otherwise warm palette. While there is a shade of pink in this palette, the combination of colors is not overly feminine. With the well-balanced colors and muted tones, this would be appropriate for a variety of businesses — from cocktail bar to interior design studio.

photograph by Ahmed Saffu via Unsplash

photograph by Ahmed Saffu via Unsplash