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Power (accessories) to her

A few months after launching her hair accessory company, Michelle Zagardo had learned a good deal about her customers, had already made improvements to her product offerings, and knew it was time to invest in her branding. Curious & Co. worked with Michelle to clarify the brand voice, re-name the business, and design the visual identity.

The company, now known as Lysande (liss-ONDH), encourages the bold spirit of its customers and celebrates every individual's personal style. This drew us to hand-letter the logo and utilize shapes reflective of the signature wire-framed headscarves. Fully embracing the brand's "Boldly You" tagline, the color palette is strong yet playful, anchored by navy blue and balanced with several greens and a pop of pink. The new branding is polished, fun, and flexible and will grow with the company.

Screenshot 2018-03-19 17.01.31.png

Product photos courtesy of Lysande