Fabric Design for Kidswear Line

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You may remember us talking about our goal of doing more surface pattern and retail product design. We even launched a (successful!) Kiva campaign to help jump start our efforts. Not long after we made it known that we wanted more pattern design work, we had the opportunity to collaborate with Mitz Kids on a fabric design.


“Mitz Kids makes children’s clothing that is designed with their interests in mind. Each piece of clothing is created to be developmentally appropriate for their age and reflects their changing interests. We also ensure that each design is free from gender stereotypes and can be worn by girls and boys!”

We are totally on board with that mission and with three girls and a boy under the age of 8 in the Curious family, we were excited for the chance to add a fabric design to their collection.

And here is what we made for Mitz:

photo by Mitz Kids

photo by Mitz Kids

We created a colorful sprinkle pattern on a navy blue background that is not only fun to look at, but helps kids learn their numbers. It also makes us want cake. 


This was a great project and we were very happy to work with Mitz again. We designed their branding, retail tags, and other marketing materials. You can see the project in our portfolio and read about the whole branding process in this blog post.