March is the new January


Our society seems pretty obsessed with New Year’s resolutions — who doesn’t love the idea of new beginnings, creating healthy new habits, and the optimism of stepping foot into a year positively bursting with possibility? It all sounds amazing, but… how many of us actually stick with our resolutions, goals, and new habits? Is January really the best (and most realistic) time to start fresh?

A few years ago, after a frustrating start to the year, I decided to buck tradition. My new motto?


But let me back up a bit. In January 2017, my youngest was starting daycare; after having her home with me for 11 months I was ready to get back to a more structured work routine and bring a little self care back to my life. I had big plans to get off to a running start. So naturally the universe laughed in my face, plaguing my daughter with a fever, pink eye, and chest cold all within the first two months of daycare, resulting in a schedule that felt more erratic and exhausting than ever.

Forget that running start — it was more like I was on a treadmill that suddenly began running backwards before throwing me off entirely.

That’s the year I deemed March the new January. I accepted that January and February had been a wash of illness, adjustment, and post-holiday exhaustion, then I hit the reset button and set aside some time to refocus and create new goals for myself and our business that year.

As it turns out, there’s nothing particularly magical about starting something new in January —it’s starting, period, that’s key.

Whether it’s March, June, October, or January, any time is a good time to set new goals and create healthy new habits.

Did you intend to start this year off with a bang in your business but then got sidetracked? Had you hoped to roll out new branding by now, but you never got around to hiring a designer to create it? If so, you’re in luck:

  1. Any time is a good time to invest in improving your business; and

  2. We have room on our spring production schedule for a few more custom visual branding clients.

If you’re ready for the next move, let’s chat about what the rest of 2019 can have in store for you!