Semi-Custom Logo Design in Action


We hope you’re familiar with our semi-customizable Ready-Made Brands™ by now. Aside from their lower price point, the really amazing thing about these logos is that they are adaptable to so many different industries. So even if at first glance you don’t see your field represented, know that we can customize any of the brands we offer to your business and color specifications — in fact, that’s the whole idea!

Customize any Logo to your Business

Geoff Conklin came to us recently when he was ready to launch his new (awesomely named) dog walking and pet sitting business, Walky McWalkerson. He had fallen in love with our Penny Ready-Made package, and purchased it so we could customize it for his new brand.



after customization:


Making a Logo Your Own

While Geoff opted to keep the fun color palette we had already created, he had the option to choose any colors he wanted. You can see how customizing the design with his company name and tagline transformed the Penny logo into something new that he could call his own. It’s also important to note that we will only sell a brand once — now that Penny belongs to Walky, we will not sell her to anyone else.



after customization:


If you are in the market for a polished visual presence but aren’t ready for the deep dive of our Complete Logo & Visual Branding System, Ready-Made Brands are for you. With several curated, fresh styles to choose from, there’s something to suit most everyone — just pick your favorite, let us know your business details and color preferences, then sit back while we customize your new brand and deliver final files in just a few weeks.